Long time no see.

Life has thrown us for a loop. Horrible stuff... initially yes, at face value. However, the trials put before us have only made us stronger as a couple. This I like. It has been a journey and on it I have been eating pity porridge and sipping sadness slushies... but no more. My life is back in my hand... because the other hand is tightly holding onto the the hand of the love of my life. My eyes are open again to the beauty of life and I would like to share my life, my story with you again.
I met up with my girlfriends for lunch at the CPK in Rancho Cucamonga. After lunch I went with the Ultimate Chick to Macy's where she had her make-up artist at Bobbi Brown give me a make-up make over. LOVED IT!

My husband and I went out for a date night. We had not gone out in a while and we had a great time. We ordered drinks and tapas at Cafe Sevilla and stayed talking for hours. After dinner we took a walk into downtown Riverside.

mmmmm.... shushi. Fuji Sushi is our local sushi resturant... which we adore. The owner is so helpful and very sweet. The sushi chefs are wonderful and always aim to create the best in quality and presentation.

For my husband's birthday, our friends London Hearts and Akaixi gave him this wonderful print done by Rennie R. Marquez.

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey went by our house last week on their way to LA.

My latest muse... the sky.

Glad to be back.