Fall is here. Well as much as fall as So Cal will allow. It 9:49 pm and it's about 79 degrees outside. How can I tell it's fall....my husband and I walked through Micheal's craft store today... I wanted to buy it all! Then we went into World Market.... sigh. I Love the fall.


Hhousewarming party... with a 50/50 raffle. Smoke from the station fire drifting in.

My family is growing. My extended family. I feel disconnected from them . Not so much my mother's side. We grow closer through of all things.... Facebook. Her family stretches from Washington down to Arizona all the way across to Maine. It's a huge family. I always describe that side as the tower of Babel. My fathers side. That is were I see the change. We are all going on with our lives. The family parties and BBQ's are becoming a thing of the past. Either the "cousins" are moving on with significant others or off in the college world. It might just be our time of growth or the new direction only to cross at major events. It's funny. There are only four children between my Grandparents, yet they all turned out so different. The Grandchildren... well sometimes you would not even know we were related. I'm finding myself looking towards my second cousins for connections. It's an interesting progression of life to watch. I would like to document the changes through pictures, however my drive to find beauty in allof it is sometimes stifled by the awkwardness of it all. Of course there is more I need to say, but can't seem to put it into words.

am I rambling? I think I am.

On the way home

Leaving from work...

Up the off ramp at a light (sun roof picture)

Down the main road towards my house... at another light (sun roof picture)

Home sweet home