"Sheep" Fire

Here we are, driving along on Saturday no more then 5 minutes from home and I catch smoke out of the side of my eye... so I start snapping.

Later that night while having dinner at my parents, you can see the glow from their back yard. The red light crawling up and over the mountain in the chill of the night.

San Diego for Work

Had to go away on business. The meetings were great. I was able to pull a lot out of it, however I did miss my husband tremendously. I left on Tuesday Morning, 6:00 am to be exact and returned at 2:10 pm on Friday afternoon.
By Thursday night, I was a little moody.
I missed him.

With every business trip comes the business dinners. Some better then others. My favorite was eating Ice Cream with my female co-workers around the outdoor fire place, listening to stories of marriage, children and life.
on the way home... YES!!!