Sitting in a bookstore

Sitting at a table near three elders. They are talking about the times when they would sit in front of the TV store on Main Street and watch the world series through the window. They also spoke of taking bread, Bologna and cheese to the lake to go fishing. Popcorn, apples and home made fudge while listening to the radio. Jack Benny? They spoke of this time as the next gilded age. Talking about how everyone is hooked on computers, laptops and smart phones. Yet they are just as hip as the younger generation. Earlier that talked about how they no longer have a long distance service provider because they use their cell phone. They went on to talk about costumes... one saw a family dresses up as Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez. She described the outfit in detail. The "chunky" high heels, dainty cardigan, and long eye lashes. I love listening to stories. I know I'm eves dropping, but they were so intriguing, as they sipped on their coffee and reminisced over the past and discussed the present. However, not once did the conversation ever go to the future. Then, the gentleman got up to look for a book on diabetes. Delightful, that's how one of the ladies described this experience. They all know each other from church. I wish my grandma's had friends like these. People to hang with, that remember the good 'ol days and are living life in the now. They went on to talk about how they love bookstores, but it's hard to find a good book. So here I am. Sitting and typing, while my husband looks for books. I sit sipping on my coffee, typing and wondering if any of it matters, or will I be sitting in the bookstore talking about the good ol days of WiFi, mini computers and watching things on Hulu.

Life, Dia de los Muertos and our yard

Beauty of whatever kind, in it's supreme development, invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears.
- Poe

LAst two weeks in October