As sand through the hourglass....


So the last time I was here was back in November.

December came and went. It was a hard month. My birthday is in December and it was the first one without my Tia. Christmas came. I applied to USC for my master's.

January, I received my letter of acceptance, completed orientation and financial aid... all in one month. Work was going well... not on the top of my game.

The rain came in did my ignition for work. I think my sadness finally faded. I started my first course, a framing course. Four papers in four weeks.

Now here we are in March and my work life is a joke. I went on two major business trips and the CEO has not even asked for an update. The site is running... maybe my department is doing well and floating on... or maybe we are in trouble and he is holding information back.

Am I happy at work? I am with my job. I am with the clients. I am with my peers. Where is my boss? Who is he? That is problem. I so looked forward to fresh leadership and prosperity, however we have chaos and despair.